The anatomy of an AVM #3

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Kathy on Feb 08, 2004 at 14:19

Re: The anatomy of an AVM (Amaranth Rose)

When he was 24, going in we all knew the odds - 50% survival 80% total or partial paralysis/further brain damage, disfigurement. Seems they still use archaic methods to consume large amounts of flesh left behind, but dead, and too much for the body/brain to absorb. I won't go into detail.

He checked out pre-op to go take a few ecstasy trips (real good for aneurisms) as "I might die". Reality check, first response, go abuse the ol' bod and brain some more.

Once resigned at 25, it took two surgeries and a further emergency op to save him, one being to repair a large aneurism on the right side of his brain (there went the RIGHT frontal lobe), due to head-banging, that didn't show up on the first scan as he hadn't quit - head banging is more than a figurative term. Nor did he feel pain so had no hesitation mutilating himself at your displeasure or discomfort - often needing stitches or surgery, and he would just rip them out/do it again. Post op recovery wasn't rewarding, even when he was constrained or sedated heavily. The second surgery was to remove as much of the AVM, not with-standing the 6 deep-feeds through his brain, and a seriously undeveloped left frontal lobe. Although fully inculcated (incubated on live support) post-op he started to bleed out - I watched the pupils of his eyes relax out fully, and the third surgery saved him again. .

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