Re: Western governments lack of vision

Posted by danno might on Jan 07, 2004 at 07:14

Re: Western governments lack of vision (Bill Gill)

There is a lot of land in the former nuke test sites that would make fantastic mw receptor farms. Pretty much of the N.American grid is linked in one way or another and the impetus of this project would probably push thru a number of reforms that need to be done (re: Ohio/Great Lakes Power failure).

No way you would want to do it near residental areas, agreed, if a space reflector malfunctioned you wouldn't want the beam to sterilize or worse a few hundred thousand people.

The reciever grids would have to be out in unpopulated areas - far West Texas, Nev, South Dak as main energy wells. I am not sure if there is a safe site east of the Mississippi.

It could be done, if there was the will, the vision and the lack of a death's hold on our political machine by Energy PACs.

I know, dreaming dude, just dreaming...

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