Re: Project Orion Reborn.

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Wayne Smith on Feb 08, 2004 at 04:10

Re: Project Orion Reborn. (Amaranth Rose)

Hundreds of immense atomic weapons were detonated back then. One measuring 60 megatons by the Russians. Each would have sucked up thousands of tons of dirt straight into the air right through its fireball and irradiated it. That's fallout. You must have some form of matter to irradiate to have fallout. The combined fallout from all of these tests is staggering. Even a series of Orion launches from the Nevada desert, without any form of fallout dampening protocols in place, would have created less than 1% of the fallout those weapons tests made. I would never suggest such a thing ofcourse. I want a single controlled launch designed for minimum residual fallout. Its interesting to note that all those hundreds of thousands of tons of fallout didn't have any measurable effect on us. More people have died from cigarettes most certainly. Last year over a million people died in car accidents. It would make more sense to ban cars.

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