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Words from Jesus

January 12th 2004 5:21 PM
My child, go forth and give this message to My people.

My people, you are each My beloved children. You are in the hour of cleansing and you must follow the signs that are given to you. You are in the time, the moment, when My people will know that I exist.

My people, too many of you are listening to mans ways and not Mine. Too many of you have relied so much on this world and have forgotten where your true gifts have come from, but I have not forgotten you.

I am calling out to My people, but too many of you have become the deaf ear to My voice. Too many of you have become blind to sin that you can no longer see the light of My love.

But My people, your eyes will soon be open and your ears will once again hear My voice. I will be the key to opening up your soul so you can become more aware to all that is not pleasing to Me. You are in times where it will be only by My grace that you will withstand these moments. I have such love for you, My people, that My wounds bleed profusely because of your sinfulness.

My heart weeps because so many have neglected to follow the ways Iíve shown you. Now listen, listen to your Master, for all that is will no longer be and My Mother, your Motherís Heart will triumph when I rid this world of evil.

Open your eyes, open your heart, because your true home is in the Kingdom. This earth is only temporary and all that is in it will be washed away. Now go forth My people, and live, live for the Kingdom.

I am Jesus, your true Savior, who comes with these messages for the greater survival of humanity. Now go forth in peace My people, for I love you, and am waiting at My table in Heaven to seat you at your eternal resting place.

January 12th 2004 8:32 PM
My child, I have told you that your attacks would increase, but trust. Trust in Me for Satan knows that you are trying to fulfill the mission youíve been called to do. Listen, listen to My words for the road has already been paved, for these messages are from Heaven.

My child, you will have love and compassion for those that are furthest away from Me and you will be sensitive to the state of their soul, for as you come closer to Me, your eyes will be opened and so will your heart.

My child, come to your Master, for I am Jesus. My heart is open to your prayers. Please, dear child, come and share with Me your trials and sufferings for your reward will be great in the Kingdom.

Now go forth, My child, and persevere for you are on a mission to save souls. Be willing to suffer for the many mothers who have rejected their own child, the beautiful life that I created. Be willing to suffer for the hour is now before you. The whole world will feel My wrath awakening this earth. Now have peace My child, for all will be done according to My Will.

January 17th 2004 8:25 AM
My child, it is not for the world to decide who are My true chosen messengers. It was My Fatherís will to send an angel with news to My Mother for My coming. Open your heart child and take comfort in knowing that you are living out your mission. Now have peace, for your heart is heavy because you share in My suffering. Focus on your gifts, focus on your family, for they are each the shining light of My love and will help pull you through. Now go forth in peace.

January 19th 2004 7:45p.m.
My child, you have witnessed the vision of My little innocent ones who are killed everyday. You have seen image after image of how these doctors end the life of My children no matter what stage they are at in their mothers womb.

My people you do not realize how each one of these souls is unique and each soul has a mission and a purpose to contribute to mankind.

My people, this is a war and it is a battle for the survival of humanity. It is not for man to permit life, but My will to bring forth life and take it away. To many have tried to alter My creation, My plan but you do not realize how the world cannot continue down this evil path.

My people, you do not realize how each time a soul is rejected is taking away a piece of My plan. Abortion, My people is the greatest sin, it is not only taking away the life of that unborn child but you are trying to step ahead of Me. And you are not your creator I Am; you are not your final judge I Am.

My people, stand up for life for each time you do, you stand up for me for I am the giver of life. Be open to life for each time you permit the world to decide, you are not permitting My true mission for you. You do not realize how many souls you could have brought into this world.

My people I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life - the life, My people the giver and the one who takes you into eternal life. So many of you have lost the true meaning of My Commandments. Thou shall not kill and yet this is the greatest sin being committed everyday. I came and walked this earth to take away each one of your sins in order for you to have eternal life with Me. Do not allow the world to step ahead of Me and influence your soul for your true home is in Heaven.

My people the world will soon witness its Day of Judgment and so many of you are not prepared. Now listen, listen to your Master and live the Gospel message, live the Commandments and be open to life for each time you say yes, you are saying yes to Me and are doing My Will.

My child, continue to write these words I give you. Now go forth and give this message to the world and be at peace for all will be done according to My Will.

Jennifer lives in Minnesota with her husband and children. She loves Jesus Christ very much. She lives her faith and is faithful to the Magesterium of the Catholic Church. She has been instructed by Jesus to share these messages, so that is what she is doing.

Please pray for Jennifer as she fulfills the assignment that God has given her.

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