Time Travel, Can it ever be?

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Barry on Feb 07, 2004 at 15:45

For a very long time I have been fascinated with the theory of time travel. I have read most of the science of time theory, Einstein, Hawkins ect...
I have read all the science fiction i can find on the subject. I have watched all the movies I can find on the subject. I am not sure if I believe it will ever be possible on any level other then the normal time travel we experience every day, moment to moment.

I just wanted to post this to start a fun conversation on this subject and answer some Questions I have on the subject, with your help.

1. Just for fun, I would love to hear any ideas, no matter how crazy or far fetched on how one might time travel, and or get or send messages through time, be creative.

2. If you could time travel, and were limited to what you could take to the near or distant past, what would you take to prove you were a time traveler?

3. where would you go? What would you do there? Past or present.

4. If you all know of any good Sci-Fi Time Travel books or movies could you please share them?

5. Please share any thoughts you have on the subject.


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