The anatomy of an AVM

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Kathy on Feb 07, 2004 at 00:02

The anatomy of an AVM

My "opinions" are based on raising two sons, one born with am AVM. (Go look it up, or accept Arterial Venous Malformation), however we didn't know this when he was born. By all appearance, he was normal only held eye contact from the moment of birth, learned motor skills very fast, was allergic to everything and had no conscience.

He displayed massive allergies outside breast milk (no problem) but was truly a challenge to introduce whole foods. After having tests run it proved he was allergic to 1/3 of all foods/additive listed, effecting white and red cells, but mostly platelets. Preparing meals TOOK a chemist degree or he simply didn't gain weight. He learned fast but was totally compulsive - no pause for thought, hence more instinctual but less socially functional. Walked at 9 months but never crawled (backed up to things), and needed 24/7 supervision with nursing staff in my absences (work). Spoke full sentences at 18 months but couldn't exercise reason - still can't.

We bounced from specialists to special facilities, for him to end up in institutions and protective custody wards in prisons by 18. He adapted well as a pretty boy but with a volatile temper, and could never understand why I insisted on doing it %

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