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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 06, 2004 at 16:37

Re: ethics based on compassion (Uncle Al)

Go brush up on abnormal phycology, psychiatric disorders and biochemistry, THEN go research Bonobos compared to the Chimpanzee Standard.

I would gamble, at this stage, not having any of your DNA to prove it, that you would most certainly be a descendent of the latter, where suspect I may be of the former.

It may also explain why some of can live quite nicely without killing, and have personally lived for well over a half century, most of it being a vegetarian (not vegan). Food chemistry is food chemistry, no matter how you consume it, it's just that some of it's not too good for you, like too much saturated fats and counter-productive cholesterols, and wheat, originally intended for cattle. Add prions and rogue virus', like chickens to human right now in Asia.

It would also explain your brain short-circuiting at my drawing a direct line between the hand on your fork to the realities in slaughter houses and animal 'farms'. An accessory after the fact, reasoned with or not. At least eat grass fed, you fool, or you're playing Russian Roulette with your brain. Keep in mind most gelatine products and iron supplements are bovine, and prions (MCD) aren't removed with any know sterilization technique.

IF God didn't create plagues/diseases/western thought, then MAN did, in disrupting the balance. The 7 plagues were a written account of what follows a flood in that region and their grain-storing practices. Since God didn't bring it upon them, guess the earth was busy doing it's own business yet it was said thy were warned their practices would bring that very chain of events.

You can't even properly study social anthropology anymore as so few uncontaminated races exist to study. All history and dead languages/cultures, but not necessarily by their own hands. Guess science would prefer to rake through the dust for artefacts to theorize about. Putting their lives back together in little pieces, most missing. The Piltdown Man was a prime example of science gone mad.

Go visit , being Science Made Stupid

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