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Posted by Auslander on Jan 06, 2004 at 17:59

Re: Feo: life's machines are determined...carryover from board6 (DA Morgan)

going back to the 'uncle al' post on prvious board.

'Life is not deterministic, it is not a machine, and it is not an overall example of equilibrium thermodynamics (e.g., it is not a closed system).'

(and goes on: 'If you don't like the foregoing exposition, provide a counterexample.')

In what sense is life not deterministic? I don't doubt there are arguments that life + other processes in the world aren't deterministic, but there isn't proof to make a statement like 'life is not deterministic'. It boils down pretty closely to the debate of free-will vs. destiny - which is an extremely old philosphical question, and has no definitive answer either way.

3 laws of thermo-dynamic-equilibrium sounds like crap-talking to me. If you mean the two laws of thermo-dynamics i.e. 1) entropy i.e. disorder increases over time you need only look at aging, or the fact that anything living needs to eat+breathe to survive as counter example
2. energy can be converted in a system - burning off carbs in the gym is evidence of that. unless you know some way in which the human body defies the laws of physics and produces energy from nothing. which I feel is unlikely.

so hidden behind big words like thermo-dynamic foregoing-exposition etc. appears to be not very much. you should be more careful about expositions in public.

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