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Barry on Feb 05, 2004 at 19:55

Re: Curious Conundrum (Planko)

It is absolutely you that decided to stop your hand to the right or left. The force that influenced you to stop it either way was your brain, but that decision to stop to the right or left was influenced by this very conversation. You were influenced by an opinion on the question that you ask. You scanned your memory and experience for a good test of your reasoning. The test you decided on was were your hand stopped moving. Whether you stopped left or right is of no consequence to anything, you simply made a choice between two preexisting possible choices that you presented to your self, (Right? or Left?) Even a computer, a machine with just logic no will eventually will stop at a random number when instructed to do so.

This is no different then if I laid five pieces of paper on the table and ask you to pick one up, no mystery you can pick up any one, at that moment you selected one for no reason but to fulfill the request. In effect you picked up one to complete the task and get on with your life.

......Or maybe not!!!!!!!

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