Re: Curious Conundrum

Posted by True on Feb 05, 2004 at 14:28

Re: Curious Conundrum (Planko)

Yes. Or on the other hand, the reason you might move your hand right instead of left could because certain things that you have experienced in life may give you the inclination to choose right over left. There may not be ultimate uncertainty even at the quantum level. If you flip a coin off your thumb with a certain amount of force from the exact same place on your thumb with the same room tempurature and air flow every time, the coin will land the same way every time. Maybe on the quantum level we can find someday that there is no uncertainty(That may be a very stupid statement, I have read about uncertainty but I am by no means an expert,) there may be no such thing as randomness. Everything could be falling like dominoes.

So there may not even be the jingle jangle.
If advertising can affect our choices, why can't everything else. From nonrandom quantum events on up.

Maybe tommorow after some other influences, I will change my theory all together.

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