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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 23:57

Re: Ethics (Amaranth Rose)

I would agree with you, as much as altruism goes.If I had the mind I have now, and I were to concoct some code of ethics,sure,you are right.I would use altruism,compassion,fairness,and whatever else I would think (good)human behavior consists of.

But suppose one doesn't know what any of the above mean.Far-fetched in today's world, but sort of makes sense if you are looking for ethical values independent of today's "contaminated" concepts,and based on intrinsic human qualities and defects.What would one do then?

I have sort of an ideea, but for the moment I am pressed with time,I have some work to finish by early tomorrow.I will be back with my ideea as soon as I get done with the meetings.

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