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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 04, 2004 at 21:55

Re: Ethics (Amaranth Rose)

BINGO! Many societies, tribal or indigenous, worked out survival tactics through trial and error. Many advanced civilizations failed where only Western influences eradicated those thought to be to primitive to be 'human', therefore exploitable. Justified? Financially or humanely? Why NOT both, i.e. trade, exchange of tribal medicines and history, instead of forcing them (reducing them) to conform the to Welfare system mentality

The same applies to people, little people, being children. If the one instructing's behaviour and conduct reflects their values, beliefs and ethics, it grounds children, whom usually have to go find out for themselves anyway, but have a code to return to or modify, as they deem fit. If their conduct doesn't match their words of wisdom, it confuses not only children, but discredits the parent/adult and can alienate them from the learning processes.

The only way of doing this is to read, study, apply at all levels what applies to your code, where reality seems to be quite different than fact. and to change one's mind on further evidence does not discredit nor pigeon-hole you but demonstrates you are so rigid as to disqualify all reason.

You lie or you don't. Read "People of the Lie", which more or less explains this justified behavour, when there are many things one could say and NOT lie, no matter what the circumstances. Like, "I'd rather not talk about "whomever" in their absence. No, I won't tell them you're not in, but that you're unavailable". A white lie is seen to be used as a quick and easy route to accomplish the same end, only those attuned to them, loose your respect by degrees.

I covered this better in another reply, and hope you read it, and give your thoughts. I think kids are learning from conception, and that we have to be their examples until they reach majority, and for them thereafter.


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