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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 21:37

Re: Ethics (DA Morgan)

"So your question is actually quite complex and can not be made simple with any tool other than a large hammer."

Well, maybe a smaller hammer, but just until I can figure out the nail.As I said someplace else, it may seem a rather artificial problem, but it is simple enough (in my viewpoint at least)to provide a good start.

"Can I divorce ethics and religion? Absolutely. Can you? Perhaps. Can most of the people we cohabit this planet with? Absolute not!"

I agree, but this is the current state of affairs,and one cannot ignore the history that lead to this state of afairs. Of course that now one can dissociate ethics from religion, there is no doubt about that.The problem that remains is if ethics can be developed from scratch independent of religion,say, and if yes, what would be the "values" that would lead to a code of ethics?

"If one views ethics as a set of rules governing individual behavior intended to provide for the "common good" no where does one have to bring in god or gods or other fabricated entities."

This is pretty much the line along which I am thinking too,with the only problem, say, of defining this "good", whether common or not, and its dual.

"Both sides are arguing the same thing. What is best for the common good. They just disagree as to what that common good is."

Pretty much what I wsas trying to say.

"Keep in mind that, to reflect back on your example, it is humane to shoot a horse or put down a dog."

About this we can argue some other time.I would like to believe you about the humanity of putting a dog down, or shooting a horse, but lately such decisions have been based on economic reasons than humanity (I have to admit I have a very soft spot especially for dogs and horses)

"If it helps you at all ... a decade or more ago ... some research work was done on game theory that may be what you are seeking."

Could you track down some refs?Sounds interesting.

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