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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 21:19

Re: Ethics (Measurement)

Meas.:"No, it is not. It is especially not in the case of ethics. Take your jet airplane, for example. Can it be created absent the laws of physics?"

I am afraid we were not talking about the same laws.I meant law in the judicial sense if you want.The enforcing of certain concepts, or values if you want.Not the laws of nature.

Meas.: "Tell you what. Let's make the equation as simple as possible. It's just you and me in the world and we happen to live next to each other -- within spitting distance, so to speak.What is the first ethical rule you propose? No spitting, of course. Why do you propose it? What motivation do I have in agreeing to it? What is my motivation for standing by my agreement?"

OK, much better example than mine.Let's indeed suppose that I propose the non-spitting rule.What I want at this moment is to figure out your first question:Why do I propose it?Or better, how would I go about my neighbour and more importantly why.

Your other two question are equally valid, no doubt,but first I would like to understand better the first,in the context I was talking about in the previous postings.
I realize that it may seem artificial, or maybe unrealistic from the everyday's life viewpoint,but try to make abstraction of this artificiality, if possible.

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