Feo: tyrants are tyrants agreed...

Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 06, 2004 at 15:44

Re: tyrants are tyrants agreed... (danno might)

Try this on for size then:

When writing your story (and the very best of luck on that!), instead of the standard bad guys of corporate or government (done to death in great and cheesy S.F. movies from SOYLENT GREEN to ALIEN to MAD MAX to TWISTER to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and then some more), come up with a wholly new form of ruling power.

For example, we already mentioned that Capitalism and Communism are forms of economic ruling. Socialism and Democracy are forms of governmental ruling power, yet all of these are earthbased.

In his series of Foundation books, Asimov put forth the idea that knowledge would become a ruling power that both united and eventually divided the many planets of the governing planets (thanks to both the belief in, then later distrust of, Hari Seldon's predictions). Those who held the largest sum of knowledge, used it as a leverage of control that none could overpower - at first.

Consider a wholly new form of governance and why it would begin and how it would work. Might take you in entirely new directions without cliche.

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