Re: Curious Conundrum

Posted by Planko on Feb 04, 2004 at 20:39

Re: Curious Conundrum (Barry)

I like you reasoning but please explain it in the following context:

I can accept that I would never -want- to just move my hand for no reason as you say. But let's say right now I start waving my hand left and right, the most immediate cause being this discussion between you and me. Then, can I control at any instance right now whether I move it right or left of center? Can I decide? (Please note I want to avoid a Free Will discussion because it is such a loaded term).

If I can't decide and, whether in this very instance I move it left or right depends on internal and external influences as you state, then in this very particular case of moving left or right of center, what would you say would be the most immediate internal and external influence which decides which way it moves (and which appears to be me deciding).

In that context please.

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