Re: Curious Conundrum

Posted by Uncle Al on Feb 04, 2004 at 18:17

Re: Curious Conundrum (Planko)

Fine. You have no control over your thoughts. Your thoughts are implanted by an external agent. Identify the origin of the external agent's thoughts, that is the origin of your thoughts, the external agent vanishes. Poof. Extend the chain as long as you like.

Thoughts are spontaneous They arise from the random jingle-jangle of quantum uncertainty in the chemical processes of the brain. A sane brain functions in a sane manner by evolutionary predisposition and local training. An insane brain is heir to uncontrolled irrational or unacceptable operation.

"Insane" is a product of situational ethics and politics. What do you call a wanton murderer who cuts a huge lethal swath through fellow men? A US Marine, hoo-rah! What do you call a man who talks to thin air, dresses outlandishly, exhibits complex repetitive behavior at set intervals, and begs for a living? A priest.

When you look deep into the CRT, the CRT looks deep into you.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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