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Barry on Feb 04, 2004 at 17:10

Re: Curious Conundrum (True)

Our bodies including our brains are wonderful feedback devices, if my muscles are low on sodium they get sodium from my blood, the blood gets it from my digestive track or some other place in the body, and events cascade because of the one need until equilibrium is attained in the body. This is simple.

Now the brain is affected by the internal and external environment and the brain stores past experience as well. No matter what thought you have it was somehow initiated by and internal or external stimuli coupled with past experience.

Now lets say I get an itch on my forearm, this stimuli travels to the brain and I realize I have an itch and most times I scratch it.

This feedback system is in play all the time and thoughts are no more then the brains reaction to that stimuli.

To sum up you never really just want to move your hand for no reason. This thought has developed do to some stimuli from the internal or external environment.

An independent thought is always dependent upon perceived stimuli, be it physical or not.

Just my independent thoughts on the subject.


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