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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 04, 2004 at 16:18

Re: Ethics (Pasti)

To say that the child was/is precocious is rather of an understatement. At 4-1/2 he looked at me over the dinner table one night and announced, "Mother, I want you to teach me to read."

When I protested that perhaps I wasn't exactly qualified to do so, he responded with "I know you can do it. It want you to teach me to read. I want to learn."

I found a paperback book on teaching children to read, and nine weeks, yes, I said weeks (less than seventy days) later he could read English, fluently, understanding what he read. There is the matter of the word "Beatrice", which is commonly pronounced "Bee-uh-triss", except in the vulgar US Midwest where it is pronounced "Bee-AT-riss", and which he "correctly" solved as a compound word, "Beet-rice".

This led to an unforseen complicaton of child-rearing; it utterly destroyed my parental advantage of being able to communicate with others about things I did not wish him to know about by the age-old ruse of spelling them out loud.

This does not augur well for him as meeting the criterion of "normal, average child", so don't be disturbed if you do not see the same results in other children. As the package wrapper says, "Results may vary." :-)

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