Curious Conundrum

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Planko on Feb 04, 2004 at 15:18

Here's a curious conundrum I was playing with which, hopefully, some of you might be able to help solve or shed some light on.

It has to do with the origin of thoughts and whether or not we really do have control over our own thoughts (with possible undertones of a proof of existance of god?):

I am able to control my hand. I can move my fingers (which happen to be composed of billions of years old particles) with just a thought. I can move those ancient particles anywhere I want in front of me and as I wish. I have seeming command over them.

How do I do it? Well I think to myself "I want to move my finger here" then electro-chemical reactions occur in my brain chain reacting down through my nerves to the muscles and voila, finger where I want it.

The question is, how did I initiate those initial electro-chemical reactions in the brain?

With a thought? Well let's say thoughts themselves are electro-chemical reactions. How did I initiate the thought then? The electro-chemical reactions?

Do I really have control over my thoughts? How?

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