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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 14:25

Re: Ethics (Measurement)

OK, let me try it this way.

Before even thinking of defending something,that something must be created, brought into existence.And this applies both to material objects like a jet fighter, or to abstract concepts like the ones that are encompassed by a code of ethics.Hence the example of the jet fighter.

The problem that I proposed was in the original form how could one (this is an impersonal "one", don't take it literally) create a code of ethics from scratch, without outer influences like say, religion. That means creating some code of ethics based only on the qualities,and of course, defects of the human being.Only on the intrinsic characteristics of a human being, if that were possible (and if that is possible or not is in itself a complicated problem).

Creating such concepts,even in a very rough form, is entirely different from the next step which is upholding and imposing these concepts.

Sure, an approach of the type "the fastest gun in the West" might work as a method of defending concepts, at least for a limited amount of time (as the history of the US, and other countries,has shown), but basing the acceptance/upholding of these concepts entirely on some sort of force for long periods of time has been equally proven by hystory to fail(from the ancient empires to the most recent example, communism).
Nevertheless,the issue of defending something,is different from the issue of creating that something that might require defending.

I hope this helps.

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