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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 13:47

Re: Ethics (DA Morgan)

I understand your point,but however, I have to disagree with your opinion.
I agree that you cannot apply the same measuring stick for all situations, but even in your examples, the duality remains,being just superceeded by higher quality concepts.

Take the kill and murder example:even if the two are treated differently,one can easily say that common concept pervading them is that, say, it is bad to make a being suffer.In this context, mercy killing might be justified, while murder is not.So even in this case you have such a duality present.

I agree with you that bivalent Boolean ethics might be considered simplistic, and by using multivalued logic you can get something more complicated.I am not sure yet if using this multivalued Boolean logic is justified, since as experience shows (in geometry,physics,law, etc) bivalent Boolean logic can give raise without problem to extremely complex situations.

My question was less far reaching than multivalued Boolean logic. It was, and still is concerned with whether ethics can be distilled to two concepts that play the role of the truth values in bivalent logic, and further, if these concepts could appear (not evolve) separate from say, religion in this case (religion just because religion has always made a point in offering freely the above mentioned truth values in a more or less unquestionable manner).

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