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Posted by Pasti on Feb 04, 2004 at 13:26

Re: Ethics (Amaranth Rose)

I don't have the answer yet either, not to mention the awful lot of blurry things related to the thread.That is why I have proposed it,in the hope that something useful might come out of it.\

But I have to admit that the example of your son simply baffles me, in the sense (and I mean no offense)that 4 years of age is not exactly the age where a human being is entirely rational, the reasoning engine is just in the process of being put together. So indeed, the learning by example is the best explanation of your example,but thre is something else involved too.You were giving him an example by trying to punish the other kid, and yet he decided that it was the wrong example.
I have no kids,and I am more than unfamiliar (in terms of personal experience)with such issues, but as much as I can judge, there was something more than just learning by example. And this something more I can only ascribe it to the murkier concept that at the age of 4, your son was already developing a conscience.

How conscience and its development in humans is related to ethics? I have no ideea yet,but it is worth exploring.I'll have to think about it, and get some more info (reading I mean).

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