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Posted by danno might on Jan 06, 2004 at 13:57

Re: Feo: naw, lets not go there... (Feo Amante)

I've read some about Romainia and actually have met a couple who came to America from there.

But as I have mentioned before, I am working on a project of future fiction, sci-fi, or speculation on the human condition ourside the "reality" of skirtbucks, WallyWorld and the narrow political spectra of today.

When someone mentioned the Chinese socialist block as one to consider, I was using generic block-mode thinking about how venture capitalist could (will) be persuaded to buy in and help some group establish a colony.

Think about this:
How expensive is it to send a man to Mars? What salary could a field geologist already established on Mars command? I guess it depends on the value placed on that inforamtion. But if a company wanted to retain the services of a field geologist or chemist or astrobiologist or some other specialist, would the charge of a Million a Month be out of line? Not that the person actually getting the work would receive that million. The broker who has already paid for the launch and supplies would be recooping their investments.

How much would the first RNA/DNA samples from Mars be worth - $1 Billion, more? Who would want to be the broker for that deal? Lots of companies. In the meantime, those brokers could care less if the field geologist's lifespan is being shortened by 5-10 years from accumulated radiation exposure.

The Capitalist only concern is about liability and profit, not about the well-being of the workers. Just a quick review of the "benefits" of globalization upon the manufacturing job base in America should easily make this case. While such tones may trigger (*warning warning commie speak*) it is not intended in a form of condemnation but more of a pragmatic resignation to the reality of the situation.

Now, to my question of who will be the first colonist, what types would be willing to participate in this (above described) gross imbalance of profit (ones on Earth) and risk (ones on Mars). I think there has to be some underlying philosophy or mind-set of sacrifice for a greater cause employed. Do you think the average American, programmed from the cradle to consume and be consumed, would be willing to sacrifice their health, time, lives so someone back here can live the grand life? Maybe ...

I think it is more likily that this group will be dedicated to the establishment of a new Zion (if I may use such a charged word without offense) for the birth of the next level of human existance. Any "profits" made by the ones on Earth will be used to transport more and more of their like minded brothers and sister - like the Pilgrims looking - not for religious freedom but to impose a world of their own making - same for the Mormans.

Eventually the Martians will no longer need the Earthlings. If a question of authority does arise, the Martians can hurl asteroid chunks at the Earth much easier, cheaper and with much greater effect than the Earthlings can possible counter-attack. Go ahead and hit Mars with an asteroid. It will only have local impact, but put a 15 km hunk of rock down 200 miles off the Atlantic Coast and how many millions of people are automatically dead, dead, dead.

Independance assured, the Martians will rule the Solar System and beyond. (Forgive my fiction speak of course none of this has happened, yet.)

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