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Posted by Planko on Feb 04, 2004 at 06:49

Re: Ethics (True)

"... result of cultural evolution. Any behavior that increases our chances of survival of our species is passed on."

I love the way people get that cause and effect relationship backwards when talking about evolution....I guess it stems from a mutation of self-centered tendency by creationism.

For instance. I saw on a nature show yesterday, that Frogs actually shed their skin like snakes. But instead of leaving the shed skin in any which location, they eat the shed skin. Stated reason: The frog eats its skin so as not to leave clues on its location to predators; evolution.

But that's backwards. The Frog doesn't do it to EVADE predators, the only reason it does it is because PREDATORS ate all the frogs that don't eat their own skin. The frog doesn't DO IT for any particular reason other than possibly an aberration. Or else it's the predators that 'ordered' the frog to eat his own skin.

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