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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 03, 2004 at 20:59

Re: Feo2: THEE 'Physicsist' (Feo Amante)

ethics, belief and common sense

No, I had no problem with your contribution, but other's name calling and distraction devices to discredit my basic point, and how convoluted the discussion became before 'evolving' at the fact the 'ideal' society is a composite of it's individual parts, each having a belief system that reflects ethics and, commonsensically, being of benefit to its persons, thus their society as a whole? Be it family, sub-cultures, tribes, municipalities, government.

Humans as 'gods' are by self appointment, human beings a fact, and those with morals and ethics based on a belief system may call themselves saints, while I'm still talking about human beings as individuals. In my case, this respect extends to all living things, so am an organic heritage vegetarian, to boot.

Can't see the purpose of crossing monkeys with jelly fish, or pigs with humans, nor tomatoes with fish, or ANY GE'ed or Montesano foods/seeds/chemicals/sweeteners, and most certainly not force-feeding animals garbage of every description and kind, to be sold as beef steak on your plates. These human beings don't create responsibly as their creatures are forced mutations, or cause catalysts that can trigger cells to go cancerous, or soft tissue to atrophy, transmutate diseases to the consumer and none of it humanely. We're fighting so many new diseases on mega scales, and common sense (one character I do believe we were born with) would tell you we reap from the top of the food chain.

We don't live in an ideal society but an opportunistic one, often throwing all ethical decisions to the wind for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, in a lose-lose fashion. Where don't we see that, looking around you. I can hardly wait to see what happens when the POWER countries overwhelm the last of the indigenous people, clinging to their rights to have any rights whatsoever, then blame their plight on their ignorance/weather/over-breeding/disease. If you recall, on many first encounters, they thought we WERE gods, but we showed them differently/proved them wrong.

Yet see no problem with invitro, cross pollinating, organ transplantations or exercising our creative bent in a beneficial, and possibly prosperous, way. The same for animal husbandry. A chicken lives an average of 19 year. Why are we killing them at 6 to 7 WEEKS and pumped full of hormones? It's the same story with most farmed food. Salmon does have more pollutants in farmed situations than in natural, but far less than beef, chicken, lamb, et al. Look at it from all directions before knee-jerking.

Because 'men' are self-appointing themselves as gods doesn't make them MY God, nor can their beliefs supersede mine. Forgive me if I haven't found anyone down here that comes up to scratch to address as God, and that I dare to epitomize an ideal that you don't have to die for, but most haven't figured out yet. TOO MANY still in for the grab-n-snatch, absconding, skimming, cooking the perks or pushing ill-conceptions/pipe-dreams.

A world struggling with the Super Powers over their rights to prevent the releasing of GE'ed foods and medications on THEIR territory, using all of us as their lab rats in the process? And how do we reverse that? When a society is oblivious to the fact it's Big Businesses and Government have learned how to cook books to make negatives, positives; or a leader that takes the world to war to capture two men killing many of our youngest and finest men and woman (de-evolution), to stock markets that leap at speculation and innuendo; learning after taking a medication that the side effects may be permanent, to discovering fluoride is a by-product of the aluminum-smelting process and NOT suitable for human consumption - do you start to self educate or shove your head in the sand ... or believe the press? The advertizements? The hype?

Self made 'gods' too often appear to have questionable motives, flawed logic and few ethics yet are re-creating this world, and have almost rendered it unviable for human habitation. Given enough time, someone will add our group to the list of extinct species (if the last living soul is still capable of writing) if MOST 'someones' don't appreciate the topics generated. I prefer to believe MORE in GOD, that being my God-given choice. The need to believe in something greater than man could result from the sheer fear this is as good as it might get, and is absolutely going to get worse if more persons don't start believing in at least self-preservation. Complacency is not ethics but ignorance. Hope encourages altruism, and, for some, much more.

If there be a God, who could blame Him for leaving us to our own devices, nor do I need to pray to deduce the total disregard of long term consequences, from government right down to your doctor (and sometimes parents). Who is there, serving your best interests, that you can hand over to them the 'reigns' of your total trust? HOW Many would be more appropriate. Should be most any. And the only 'persons' whom should flinch at this would be those with their arm well and truly, up to the hilt, in the proverbial cookie jar.

God's Speed

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