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Posted by Uncle Al on Feb 03, 2004 at 19:49

Re: Questions about Highschool chemistry (RG)

To a first approximation, put the lone pairs as far from each other as possible, then put in the bonds. You have 4 electrons left over or two lone pairs, plus four Xe-F bonds to make six total orbital lobes. A good first guess is an octahedral coordination sphere.

Put Xe at the center of the octahedron. Put the two lone pairs at opposite apices. Now the four fluorines form a square-planar array at the equator, which is correct for XeF4.

XeF6 is a nasty beast. It has a stereoactive lone pair and six fluorines to give a pseudo 7-coordinate structure that is fluxional (constantly rearragnes to give iitelf back with atom positions scrambled.

There are more sophisticated treatments that have better predictive power in nasty and complex cases.

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