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Posted by True on Feb 03, 2004 at 13:42

Re: Ethics (Pasti)

My opinion is that ethics is the result of cultural evolution. Any behavior that increases our chances of survival of our species is passed on.

On the individual level, I think it's also something we learn as we grow up. If we get praise and rewards for a certain behavior, our brains become programmed to repeat similar behavior. Then we teach our children similar behavior to increase their odds of survival and it passes from generation to generation(this where cultural evolution comes into play).

I don't know of any studies that have tried to determine if it is an instinct that we all share or just learned behavior. I don't know if it could actually be done.

I pretty much think the same of religion and I think they could easily have evolved seperatly, one from the other. I'll have to think more to give a good answer.

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