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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 03, 2004 at 05:41

Re: Ethics (Pasti)

Ethics are like bellybuttons. Everyone has one, and some of them are really cruddy and scuzzy.

Ethics are the rules that determine how you treat your world and the fellow beings on it. If your ethics say it's all right to feed dead animals to herbivorous creatures and then eat them, you get BSE. I don't happen to believe in cannibalism, even if it is one step removed. If you've been taught all your life that it is noble and blessworthy to ritually consume human flesh and blood by token on a regular basis, you may have no such qualms.

Many ethics are acquired in the context of and under the rubric of religion, but ethics transcend religion and apply in the absence of it. If it works outside of and independent of religion, its in the realm of ethics, most likely. You can take the ethic out of the religion; you can take the religion out of the ethic.

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