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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 03, 2004 at 05:20

Re: THEE 'Physicsist' (Kathleen Eykamp)

God is a concept that depends on your perspective. To people who'd never seen horses, metal armor, or gunpowder, Armored men on horseback with muskets and a penchant for womanizing were gods.

God is what you invoke when you don't fully understand the situation and all the forces, factors and variables that are making the situation the way it is.

To anyone who has never seen technology, or is under the effect of technology they do not comprehend, god is the creature in charge of the technology. To an embryo in a petri dish, it might be argued that the pipette tip that sucks it up and drops it either into a waste receptacle or a syringe to be injected into a womb, or the vastly incomprehensible (to the embryo) multicellular organism that controls the pipette tip, is god. For all we can prove we're just little globs in a petri dish, the dimensions of which are beyond our comprehension.

We are becoming the gods themselves. The fact of power's existence is reason enough for us to control that power and utilize it for constructive purposes, if we wish to survive as a race on this planet or any other.

I can't take you to Raznack, where cloning is a necessity of life and survival hangs in a balance between hostile environment, lethal plants and animals, and intense solar radiation; and the greed and power hunger of a stratified population with a caste system with women ground slowly to death at the very bottom of the social heap threatens to destroy the fragile balance of human society as it exists there. God is not a problem there; these people know what technology is and why their world is the way it is. When we figure it out, god will relegate to the status of fairytales and mythology

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