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Kathleen Eykamp on Feb 02, 2004 at 23:53

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I can only answer that from my own experiences. Nor was I pre-programed to believe in a higher power, but that the old man was the law, ie, raised by atheists who believed in "the Rod" - then. Why did I determine there must be a God. Couldn't buy the package deal, hence the Australian colloquialism, "Try-hard", which the following poem is called. Wrote it years ago:


I have always been told not to take life so serious while being taught to scrutanize things curious

Been accused and abused for being analytical, but to make sense of it all I couldn't buy typical.

Then to be called a Try-hard, didn't know was detrimental; To work harder than most pleased the old and the cynical

Then felt somehow responsible for all my mistakes and learned fast could as felt pain without 'remakes'.

And I learned it's for real, the promise of truth, and do have it, you don't need a temple nor roof.

I was taught how truth, a perfect "ideal" could actually be reached if accepted as real.

If you read and you search and you ask and you try to only get better until the day you die,

as it doesn't come 'later', like PI in the sky, but a personal choice to live truth, not a lie.

And I still choose to take a man for his word; the thought of backsliding would be quite absurd

So forgive me, I would ask, but what did I do that made anyone think I could change that for you?

Sorry - no link, as the above poem is copywrited, proceeds going to a Christian boarding school in India, named St Stephen's, nor is it Catholic. Sainte is used to mean all believers, not those sanctioned by one denomination over another. Straight to God, no middle-man necessary - or God's natural laws - the true extremes of physics, where life can and can't live and just how small does it go (quantum) or big (astro).

I would have to say witnessing what other's would consider miracles, learning from hard knocks, benefiting hugely from same, and having no one to Thank but Him. Miracles do NOT defy physical laws, but people try, our weather patterns certainly attest to the fact man can alter those laws, to his own detriment or betterment, hence basic ethics. Like Einstein, I've realized there is a greater order to things than we can yet (if ever) fully understand, and/or the laws of physics are broader than science yet gives them credit for.

I don't think it's necessary to believe in a God to espouse a sound moral and ethical code you can (and do) live by, but it helps to remind why you're constantly bucking the odds. Fancy all that name-calling because their opinions differ? I didn't just shoot the President or fart in public, but stated what I know to be fact, as it related to LAW, and should ring true in all our dealings. If everyone considered the full consequences of their actions and accepts the full responsibilities to rectify mistakes, that would be considered accountable science/government/church/jungle. The world could be a much better place, and it's current state has more to be said of man's intervention, than the lack of (a) God's.



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