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Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 02, 2004 at 13:20

Re: Astrophysics question (Amaranth Rose)

Ok I'm with you now, and more aware of your needs.
I was thrown by your small 1/10 DRY moon, with your requirement being to raise tides upon your much larger earthly metallic waterworld.

So let me re-affirm ideas that may help you.
ANY two bodies that are in orbit with each other, are capable of raising tides.
Cover your small 1/10 moon with water, and you will get very strong high tides on it. Due to the grav pull of your much larger (denser) waterworld.
But very little if any, tidal effect upon your waterworld.
I agree with Pasti, what is needed is that the basic scientific principle is correct. Best play safe and have a size ratio commensurate with any of the Moons of our Nine planets. That will give you more than 60 to think about. Hehehe.

Other thoughts, a hotter planet is able to dissolve a higher % of metals.
A smaller planet will lose its water to space and
remaining water will become accordingly super saturated and would deposit/plate metals upon rocks or other items when the tides recede. Leaving nice galvanic voltages around that would build and concentrate unusual metal structures.
Salt not required if water is acidic or alkalii.
Ho hum, dont think I could ever write Science Fiction....seems that one thing could lead to too many other complications. :)
But good luck anyway.

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