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Gary Vandergrift on Feb 02, 2004 at 13:05

Prevailing theories assume a Geodynamo is required to provide Magnetic Fields. I have no doubt the computer models generated by scientists are quite accurate at predicting fluid flow in the inner earth, however I do not believe these convection flows are source of the Earths magnetic field. The Geodynamo theory was initiated before the understanding of the Earth through Paleomagnetic analysis and Modern Geophysical data.

Venus has a Magnetosphere that is very weak but Venus is extremely hot so it should have an active Geodynamo and a strong Magnetic Field. Mercury has an extremely strong magnetic field yet its inner core should be stone cold based on the theories of the development of the solar system.

Scientist do not know WHAT are the forces behind magnetism? I can hold a permanent magnetic in each hand and the force of magnetism between these magnets is the same whether I stand on the surface of the planet, the bottom of the ocean or the Space Lab. The forces between these magnets I am holding do not diminish with time. Why is that?

In the Magnetic Geodynamo theory it takes several thousand years to flip the Earth’s magnetic poles. That means that during the transition time the magnetic poles could align East and West. Paleomagnetic data has never indicated anything other than an instantaneous flip. The Spherical magnet would provide both an instantaneous flip and periodic reversal by a North South rotation. (A North South Rotation could be possible by convection of the inner core or/and vector forces against the Magnetosphere). Additionally, if the Earths inner core is or acted like a permanent spherical magnet the Earths magnetic field would remain symmetrical even through polar reversals. The Earths magnetic field portrays a symmetrical hemisphere towards the Sun that deflects the Solar Wind around the Earth. At both poles there is a cusp that exists due to the magnetic lines of force. There is in the Geodynamo Theory no possible way to prevent this cusp from pointing towards the sun during magnetic reversal. What long term effects this would have on the Earth I do not know but if the Solar wind did not affect the Earth’s atmosphere the Solar Radiation would certainly be harmful.

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