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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 02, 2004 at 02:03

Re: Astrophysics question (Pasti)

This is a planet that has enormous amounts of rainfall for part of each planetary year, leaching everything water soluble out into the rivers and down to the sea. Yes, the motherlode would be in the sediments, but a lot of the minerals would be precipitating out along the shores like tufa that is found near mineral springs. The tufa diminishes with increased rainfall, and increases during dry periods. Shallow shorelines that form lagoons that dry out from time to time could be tapped as evaporating basins, much as we do with NaCl in tropical regions.

And no, you're right, I don't need rigorously exact figures and extreme accuracy, I just need a sense of whether it is passably logical, qualitatively. If people really want to go there, they'll have to work out the maths themselves. I'm seeking a sense of validation of possibility, not methodical accurate perfection.

Where I am concerned, feel free to make any kind of literary suggestions you like. I never assume I've covered every angle, caught every mistake, tied up every loose end. I'm not infallible, I'm not educated to the absolute end of my ability to learn, and I hope I never get there. If I were truly smart I'd have given more thought to the setting, planetary system-wise, before I started the bloody novel instead of now when I'm within a whisper's breadth of 200,000 words. That is an enormous size for a novel, BTW. Most publishers seek stuff in the 100,000 to 130,000 word range. I'll be lucky to find a publisher who feels lucky and is willing to take a chance on an unpublished author. I emailed what I have in it now to a beta reader tonight; it took 10 minutes for Yahoo to affix the file. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some Tolstoy in my background somewhere!

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