Re: Can Momentum be derived from Nothing?

Posted by Pasti on Feb 01, 2004 at 22:11

Re: Can Momentum be derived from Nothing? (measurement)

How about this:in electromagnetics there are what are called dielectrics, right?The field in matter differs from the field outside,etc.
Now, the analogy beween the elmg and gravitational fields is quite strong, classically speaking.And yet, there are no observed "digravifics", i.e. gravitational dielectrics, but I could not find a better term.
So at least principially, it is an intersting topic, and of fundamental importance.

Moreover, think of the Meissner effect in elctromagnetics:a phase transition to a state where the magnetic field inside a body is zero.What would this traslate into for the gravitational field (if it existed, that is)?Maybe an anti-g drive,to make a wild extrapolation?

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