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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 31, 2004 at 17:19

Re: Feel free to Freebase. We got you covered! (Cure for Gravity)

When Uncle Al got immolated in a magnesium fire, his 40% third and deep second degree burned corpus was pumped full of morphine 24/7 IV plus morphine push, plus tranks, plus a whole bunch of other addictive crap - for 17 days straight in ICU/Burns. Every crispy critter was pumped full, and given more as outpatient. Some crispy critters in physical rehab were eating a month of meds/week - plus informal street additions (which were better).

Nobody got addicted. Not a one in the nine months little blonde Hannah O'Brien bent my flesh with her 150-lb grip where it didn't want to go. Folks healed, they quit the meds (or sold them to newbies still stinking of human barbecue).

When another 120 cm^2 of skin grafts were placed, I held down the morphine pump button until it red flagged. When the thing resets after an hour, you red flag it again. Nice. They won't hook you up the day after, so you'd best get your jollies on the spot. Opiates won't do squat for the itching - and three months of relentless wire worms crawling under your new skin await. It's a false signal. Deal with it by ignoring it.

Drug addiction - cigarettes, booze, opiates, cocaine, speed, downers, tranks, you name it - is a personal choice. Withdrawal symptoms are no worse than a week of the flue. Anybody with a working brain (or who asks a nurse) tapers off anyway.

Folks who desire recreational pharmaceuticals should be given unlimited voluntary access at their own expense to market rate quality supplies ad libidem without criminal penality. They either grow out of it or die. What is the problem either way?

Stupidity should be lethal. Compare that with the War on Drugs we have now.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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