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Posted by danno might on Jan 05, 2004 at 16:46

Re: Feo: Who will make up the first colonist on Mars (Feo Amante)

I apologize if I "emote" a judgement on an economic system, none of which overly value human life. All economic models have their flaws.

I just mean to point out that money and the motive for profits could be a tool used by some well-toned charasmatics. Name a half dozen top Scientologist movie stars and imagine their impact on a room full of mood altered very wealthy individuals. Do you think they would care about cancer rates of the Martian volunteers?

Capitalist are (rightly - ahahah) concerned with profit and if a determined group had the potential to put a small settlement on Mars, would there not be potential for naming rights? How much would IBM pay to have that name plastered on all Maps of Mars? Enough to help defray the cost for the launching of the first set of colonist?

Hey, I am not trying to gore anyone's sacred cow. What you believe in is your thang.

But one last shot (I can not resist), this country is a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. I wish people would at least get that straight. And comparing all socialist models to Stalin is like claiming all Christian religions are as corrupt as the Renaissance Popes.

I am no proponent for socialist, communist nor capitalist.

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