Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother

Posted by Pasti on Jan 31, 2004 at 13:23

Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother (Kelly)

"Excellent. Your progress from arrogant and condescending to annoyed to really mad continues. Fun fun fun!"

Your inferiority complex again...

"Do yourself a favor and reread your previous postings, including the above.If you still are clueless (very likely for you), I will get you the exact quotes."

So I was right, you really are clueless.Here are the relevant parts of the posts, in chronological order, mind you, to make it easier for you to follow.

Post#459:"I'm sorry that fate has been unkind to you and left you bitter and hollow but that hasn't been my experience. I'll be 42 this year and still look forward to perusing the science news every morning to see what the latest discoveries and inventions are that day"

Post #476:"Think of it as a psychological experiment. You can't use logic to talk someone out of their delusions."

This,I am sure,you will try to turn it more into "I said...,you said, what I really said was...", because it affects your image in your own eyes.But it is nevertheless a good example of your logical flow of ideeas.

And BTW, how again is that ethical thing you do about reserving judgement for later on...?

"Re-read all my previous posts and find the one where I said (as you claim) that "I'm right because I've been dealt cards in life from a good deck ." Let me know what you find."

See above.Hopefully your attention span is not confined to one post only...

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