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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 31, 2004 at 12:50

Re: Poverty a subject (Kelly)

It's er, a bit wild at times. I have several of these carpet covered cardboard kitty closets around the house, and they like to hide inside them and swat out at passersby. Sometimes they get to fighting, and I pick up a flyswatter and the silence is deafening.

They're really nice on a cold winter's night. I can tell within a few degrees how cold it is by how many cats crawl under the covers. Yes, there's the occasional cold nose in the popliteal space or whiskers in the shins, but, gee, I save a lot of money on heating bills. They make life interesting.

I buy catnip by the pound. I sprinkle some on the kitchen floor when they get too rowdy and call them (they answer to "zippy-scoot", every last one of them; "Kitty" is a foreign language to them); they usually are too busy to fight then. Except over the catnip, which is moderately amusing.

They're just common, everyday alley refugee cats. Some I raised on the bottle after their mothers were run over on the street outside, probably by drunk drivers. One would lie in my hands on its back and hold its own bottle. One appeared under our vehicle at 10:30 at night on Friday the thirteenth in the Wal-Mart parking lot last year, half-starved and crying out desperately. I swear I must have "sucker" emblazoned on me somewhere in three-inch letters of some universal cat language. They're great for anecdotal material like that. Other than comfort and heat, and the opportunity to teach a dumb animal a new trick from time to time, they're pretty worthless.

I see you found my pathetic attempt at a website.

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