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Kelly on Jan 31, 2004 at 11:58

Re: Poverty a subject (Pasti)

Yes! I measure your increasing blood pressure by the number of insults. Definitely on the rise.

"You will hardly hear or see two physicists, or say nanotechnologtists, or scientists in general discussing the latest in their field based on BBC or Agogo for that matter."

True, although many do read those sites to see what is going on in other fields. And as you have pointed out I am not a nanotechnologist (nor have I ever claimed to be) so it is perfectly natural for me to get news from these sites. What I objected to was your assumption that because I mentioned reading news on these sites they must be my *only* source of information.

"I did reserve later judgement."

You did, too? On Cold Fusion? Wonderful. You have more in common with me than you thought. The difference is that I made no assumption about your reaction to Cold Fusion (since you are a stranger and only a fool would assume facts not in evidence), but you did assume that I was claiming to have "spotted the hoax" even though I said nothing of the kind. You just assumed. Again.

"You talked about nanotech,and the remarks you made were not the ones someone who worked in the field would make."

Yes, Pasti. You were able to spot me as not being a nanotechnologist for two reasons:
1. Your amazing powers of deduction
2. Because I told you I wasn't a nanotechnologist.

"And you didn't understand my point either."

Yes, I did. I even agreed with it in the last post. I believe you when you say that research has lagged and that if the funding and the political support had been there we'd have progressed much further. I understand that those bad decisions have left you bitter about the whole field.

That doesn't change the fact that the change in attitude of investors and government toward what was just a couple of decades ago thought to be pure science fiction IS amazing.

"Among other things,think how many lives could have been spared, medically or otherwise, if things happened faster."

Yes, that I understand. I guess this part just comes down to a difference in philosophy. The past is what it is. I prefer to look forward.

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