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Posted by Uncle Al on Jan 31, 2004 at 11:00

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Read the instructions, particularly the use of double quotes to define a string. Then use the search engine.

"placebo studies" 1750 hits"
"placebo protocols" 41 hits
placebo protocols 49,300 hits

ANY placebo study that is worth anything at all must be conducted DOUBLE-BLIND. Anybody who interfaces with a subject must be wholly ignorant of which is the active sample and which is the placebo; ditto the subject. It makes no difference whether the target is human or animal. You may need several layers of isolation to avoid the "Clever Hans" effect,

"clever hans effect" 208 hits
"clever hans" effect 895 hits

One approach is to grow tadpoles. You then need three sets of stooges. You grow ten or twenty identical tanks of tadpoles. Half are controls. The remaining tanks are dosed with birth control pills, thyroid pills (thyroid hormone or suppressor e.g., perchlorate or thiocyanate), Valium or Xanax, Prozac or Wellbutrin, Attention Deficit Disorder drugs (Ritalin, Adderal), etc.

One set of stooges is given disinformation about what coded tanks got what and its expected effects. One set of stooges gets correct information. One set of stooges gets in information and draws its own conclusions.

You can severely>/B> bias outcomes by providing selective data. This is the basis of psychology and all of social science - everything and its opposite are true. Truth is arbitrary, jury box to economics to waging war aginstt the enemy-of-the week.

In people, double-blind administering inert sugar pills can have 40% or more the therapeutic outcome of real drugs. Somebody dying of a bacterial infection can hardly bias the outcome. Honest testing for efficacy in anti-depression drugs is almost impossible (or they are mostly crap, which is more likely). Side effects of the real drugs tell the "naive" subjects who has the good stuff. They then heal to please the doctor.

Google. Look up Stanley Milgram's work on Obedience and Individual Responsibility." People think what they are told to think. Also Philip Zimbardo and his prison experiment. Everybody is a vicious Nazi at heart, everybody is a cowering Jew. Flip a coin. Truth does not exist.

We thus have Dr. Abfallig Matsch Schund's brilliant invention, Placebocin - the placebo with severe side effects. Psycho-med studies could then be placed in a real world context - which would put many of them out of business.

Take your meds.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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