Feo: Who will make up the first colonist on Mars

Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 05, 2004 at 15:07

Re: Who will make up the first colonist on Mars (danno might)

Interesting emotional thread in this one. It assumes that it's the Capitalists who don't care for human life.

"Capitalist won't give a fudge if they are betting on profits from DNA returns from Mars."

"The Capitalist ablility to rationalize ..."

Yet it was the communists in the Soviet Union who so clearly showed such disdain for human life and liberty. Who heavily polluted their environments and killed off or imprisoned (or both) any who spoke out against the government: Or just did it for expediency (Stalin, Mao).

There has yet to be any such high disregard on such a scale of intentional misery and suffering as those crimes against humanity intentionally imposed by governments operating under the tyranny of a communist banner.

As the United Nations clearly showed in their 20 year examination of world governments, people, rights, and education thrive in a Democracy
(which works best combined with a Capitalist economy.)
society, and fail everywhere else.



People left to their own devices, to be rewarded by their own effort, and be given the freedom to create their own enrichment, thrive in far greater numbers in a Capitalist economy
(Run by the business owner)
within a Democratic government
(The right of the worker to dissent and / or create his or her own business and even competition to the former boss)
than those who live totally dependent upon the toil of a government inflicted working class, restricted by law, from ever acheiving their potential. A welfare state, in all of its many implementations, has never worked. There is a reason communist countries enslave their people. Without a police state and tyhe threat of death, the population would leave, leaving no infrastructure to support the politburo.

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