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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 31, 2004 at 06:35

Re: Poverty a subject (Kelly)

Magic's not here right now. I'll let her know you asked after her, and tell her to write you next time I see her, though. :-)

I reread the post. IMHO, which is pretty worthless, I thought Pasti was acting in a manner suggesting polite friendly humor, light sarcasm perhaps. I thought he was pretty mild, actually, for this forum, not condescending or insulting. I didn't see it the way you took it, but, I'm not you, either, and you're surely entitled to your opinion and your point of view. I think you kind of came back pretty much fangs and claws, and that kind of surprised me.

AS for jokes, there are people that say things that they apparently find amusing. I don't remember them because I don't understand them and they make me feel troubled. I forget them pretty quickly, in other words. I don't find anything about Vietnam funny. I guess my sense of humor has been deselected.

I'm sorry if I confused you. People die. Sometimes they choose the time, place and manner of their death. IT's a rational act. A desperate one, but rational still. Sometimes when one contemplates death, other alternatives become visible. I'm considering trying to find a lawyer to press a class-action suit againt the state of confusion, er, Nebraska for medical damages and pain and suffering. I can't be the only person in this situation, as was pointed out to me by someone else. I'm working on a political answer; I'm composing a letter to the Nebraska legislators (all that I can find email adresses for) explaining the odious effects of their idiotic "cost containment" measures. It would be a whole lot more effective than chaining myself to the balustrade in the statehouse and immolating myself. It takes contemplating one to get to the other.

Anyone who wishes to get hold of me can find me at the email address on the website below:

YOu can find someone willing and pretty much able to pull my chain effectively and willing to do so if corrective action is warranted by contacting the owner of the following site:

If you leave a message in the guest book there, with your email addy encrypted in some simple and obvious way (You're dealing with a brain-damaged individual here, don't get too fancy, just enough to fool the spiders) I'll get to it eventually.

I have lots of reasons to look forward to the next sunrise. I just don't desire to end up starving to death because I can't open a tin can and can't turn the doorknob to open it. It's a good thing the toilet handle is a long flat bar, or things could get really ugly!

I'm not denigrating your concern. I appreciate it and honor it. I'm concerned for my safety. It just really jarred me to open up a post on SAGG and find someone proclaiming that I was suicidally depressed. I know the power of labels; they can be very damaging and destructive. There are some things the mere allegation of which is sufficient to ruin a person's opportunities; suicide and incest are among them. It kind of makes me defensive.

Could I suggest something to you? If you know someone who is miserable, try asking them how they feel and listening to what they say. Our judgements about people are not always an accurate mirror of the processes they are undergoing inside their heads. Sometimes just listening and occasionally offering a constructive suggestion or comment is enough to help people find their way to solutions that are less deperate and more tenable. But please, don't make remarks to them on the order of, "Buck up, dearie, there's lots to live for!" It's counterproductive; it tends to drive people closer to the edge. It's kind of like rubbing salt in the wounds.

There are several people on this board who almost invariably respond to the occasional person who comes here wanting advice about suicide and how to do it. Their conspicuous absence from this thread tells me they took my meaning the way Pasti did, and not the way you did. This doesn't mean you're wrong or in any way to blame for your actions; you saw something that upset you and you played it the way you called it. I honor you for your integrity. Something I said pushed your buttons, hard, and you reacted. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a good hard reaction is what is needed. I'm sorry in this instance that it seems to have degenerated to a flame war between you and Pasti. Perhaps we can all take another look, and realize there is another way to see things than our own.


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