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danno might on Jan 05, 2004 at 13:16

Re: Thanks Unlce Al for your response (Uncle Al)

I appreciate the help and the leads given. I have not convinced myself of this fanciful contraption so it is not a critical part of any story, yet. Sci-fi is full of "sub space communicators" and few take the time to try and think of the possible physics behind it.

My story/universe is placed during the budding of an interplanetary species offshoot from homo sapien so everything requires "invention" at this stage.

Master Story Conflicts come from
What is Human
What is the next step for Human evolution
Will Old Humans accept New Humans or will it be like on the plains of Africa as each newer hominid gained an advantage, the first act was to stamp out or push aside the predecessor.

but that is outside the range of your generous assistance so far. I've got some more reading to do.


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