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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 30, 2004 at 20:52

Re: Poverty a subject (Kelly)

"Right back at ya. Ask her yourself. She makes it clear she is considering suicide."

Yeah. Right. I'll bet you regularly buy swampland in Florida and shoreline in Arizona. I think you should have listened to Pasti with a bit more open mind.

A Doctor you are now? You are qualified to make this diagnosis how? Did you go to the "Nurse Ratched Cuckoo's Nest College of Medicine" by any chance?

When in the course of an individual human's events there is reached a point at which the existing conditions are untenable and the alternatives fizzle out to nothing, the individual has to make rational choices based on the facts of the situation. Suicide is an irrational act, and I am not irrational. I am extremely rational. Too rational for my own good, perhaps. When you can look at death as a rational, inevitable event, not an irretrievable loss, it shifts the perspective. I'm going to die, make no mistake about it. Every act of birth carries a death sentence with it. What we do in between is our life. We have choices. There are selfish choices and altruistic ones. Sometimes other people choose for us, and at those times we hope the ones making the choices are selfless, altruistic and loving instead of self-righteous, sadistc misanthropes whose best interests do not include our own survival.

No matter what your age, gender or occupation, there is a vast difference between the levels of our thinking, you and I. Not intended to exalt or denigrate either of us. But simply put, you did not understand me, and you were kind of insulting to Pasti when he very politely suggested you "Look closer, Luke; look closer".

We don't all feel things in the same way or on the same level. I'm sorry I confused you. Perhaps it's a matter of cultural antecedents; both Pasti and I have roots in the old world European culture, though I daresay Pasti is rather more patrician than I. But we share certain parts of culture that are different from others on this forum. I, on the other hand, find myself bewildered by some things that are obviously part of your common culture. I'll never fully comprehend "Bubba" as an icon, or the jokes about Vietnam. No matter. Here we have a common interest, and perhaps I overstepped the bounds with my remarks.

But you still can't drip on the ceiling. :-)

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