Re: Linux vs. Windows

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 30, 2004 at 19:11

Re: Linux vs. Windows (Measurement)

Ooh! He called me a twit! Oh, My! I am SO impressed with his vocabulary. Maybe he'll even manage to pass first grade this year.

Linux has a share of the world market. Seventy percent of servers on Apache, over Linux OS worldwide, is in my opinion a significant market share of what may admittedly be a specialized market, but I think it can't be ignored. Shake off the yoke of tyranny and breathe the sweet air of freedom. It's out there. It's free. It's Linux.

I'm not the playground bully, MM. Don't build a spat where there is none. You don't have to scratch someone just because you might be a little shaken in your beliefs. That's what life and SAGG is for, to shake your beliefs a bit.

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