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Posted by Shasta on Jan 30, 2004 at 17:45

Re: Linux vs. Windows (Kelly)

You are correct on the credit card numbers. Perhaps a better example would've been Mac OS X, which has had 0 security bulletins and 0 virii, unless you cound microsoft products.

I'll have to check you on the better security; I have a Sun Ultra 1 that I haven't booted up since I got it, as I'm awaiting a monitor convertor for it.

Windows dominates the world because M$ forced out all the x86 competition. OS/2, if you recall, was an IBM/MS joint venture. Look where it went.

The word has been spread, but not well enough. Only people who read documents like ESR's The Cathedral And The Bazaar (google it) feel that OSS is important enough to care about.

OSS, and in particular Linux is forcing Windows to be competitive. But we aren't seeing evidence of this in every day, save the IIS default 404 message. Yes, Apache runs on Windows, but Apache is OSS.

Re: the business thingy.

Businesses don't adopt OSS stuff because of "playground bullies" like Darl McBride and his SCO gang, who go around asking $1799 for two things: His next week's supply of crack, hookers, and condoms, and his legal team, who're working 48.25 hours a day trying to find the mythical "stolen IP" that exists in the Linux kernel.

Being fixed by random coders doesn't detract from the trustworthiness of the software. It just detracts from having a black and white list of people to blame if something goes wrong.

Re: ...pie...

That's not how OSS coders think. They don't care about money. They care about the community.

Re: ...fringe OS...

Linux is not a "fringe OS". Granted, you can go up to the average middle-aged dude walking down the streets of some middle-american city NOT San Francisco or Chicago or Houston, ask him if he has heard of Linux, and odds are, he'll say "whut's that?" and brandish a pitchfork at you. Unless you're a diehard FreeBSD geek, you run away. If you are, you joke "why don't you get some horns and put on a red bodysuit?" before you're stabbed to death.

Not to mention that if you want your Visual C++ .NET project to be able to run, you have to have the studio, or you have no compiler. And VC++ code doesn't compile worth .0002 on the GNU C compiler, or g++, it's C++ counterpart.

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