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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 30, 2004 at 17:20

Re: Linux vs. Windows (Measurement)

"The rest of your argument seems to regard the benefits of non-MS platforms so it isn't worth addressing since MS is still the clear winner in terms of market-share."

Translation: I don't know anything about this, I don't want to know anything about this, I'm afraid to learn anything about this, and if I do learn anything about this I'm afraid my big Daddy M$ will take away my secret decoder ring and my everlasting gobstoppers."

If most of the computer users out there were unwilling to move to the edge of their comfort zone a little, Micro$oft would never have to worry about Linux or Unix encroaching on their territory. The fact that they are worried, they are trying to jump on the bandwagon and make their customers too frightened to leave their sinking ship, says a lot. When you've found your anti-anxiety meds and taken a few, Linux will still be out there waiting for you. You can visualize it as a warm soft loving fuzzy penguin, or a dangerous fanged and clawed monster, but it will be there. And it has more than a prayer. Way, way, way more than a prayer.

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