Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jan 30, 2004 at 16:34

Re: This is the seed that will spawn Big Brother (Kelly)

Your steadfast and dedicated allegiance to an operating system that is inherently flawed and more buggy than a mangy cur is astounding. If nothing else I commend your loyalty. I'm sure micro$oft is proud to have you sailing under its masthead; I'm sure they are assuming you will also extend that loyalty to the final act of grace when you go down with the ship.

Amazing that Micro$oft has come out with Services for Unix, a program that provides Linux-compatible services for windows machines. This is available; it's not in the planning stages, or projected, the baby has been delivered. It's free, too. I hardly think it would be coming from the gates of Gates if Microsoft weren't taking Linux at least a bit seriously.

Linux not ready for prime time? I don't know. It runs word processing software, spreadsheets, market simulations, tracks and analyzes radio waves that map the heavens, create the virtual images we so love to applaud and deride in the movies, and in many other ways provides for the common defense and promotes the general welfare.

Great fun for hackers and coders? You betcha, by golly. They love it, fersure. It's stable, dependable, secure, versatile, and reliable. And you can't beat the price, either!

The only psychological experiment going on here is micro$oft trying to see how far the public can be led down the money trail. Hapy hopping!

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