Can Momentum be derived from Nothing?

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jan 30, 2004 at 14:56

Over the last two years I have been reading of a number of ways by which minute quantitys of energy
could theoretically be harnessed.
Either using the vacuum of empty space to utilise the quantum effect of virtual particles popping in and out.
Or prehaps the utilization of the Casimir effect.

Even using the energy of Brownian motion thats directed to impinge upon a unique shaped and stepped ratchet system.

The use of a high speed spinning magnetic disk, thats supposed to minutely decrease the effect of gravity above it.

All make for interesting reading, most would require instruments 1000 times more sensitive than presently available to prove a possible point.

Well now I've come across yet another nice as yet, theoretical idea, "Can Momentum be Derived from Nothing?"
Best let you all read it....since its written up in
Physical Review Letters 92, 020404 (16th Jan'04)
Were we as small as Amoeba, we would spend our lifetime buffeting against 'invisible energy'
Hehehe, couldnt resist that last remark.

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